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Bike tour themes

Bike tour themes

Holland, or the Netherlands as it is officially known, is a very bicycle-friendly country. The way that cycling is integrated into the traffic systems, the general small scale of everything and the flat terrain all contribute significantly in providing the perfect conditions for a stress-free bike tour.


To help you choose your own cycling holiday, Tulip Cycling has selected seven themes representing the best of Holland on a cycling holiday. Choose your favourite theme(s), then add your own special interests. Our route-planners will do the rest, creating your individual bike tour. Rest assured that you won't get bored, - there is so much to discover!

Tourist attractions for bike tours in the Netherlands
North Sea coastal bike path in Holland

North Sea coast
  • Dunes
  • Sandy beaches
  • Harbours
Keukenhof flower garden bike tour

  • Tulips
  • Keukenhof flower garden
  • Flower parades
Bike tour along historic windmills and waterways

Windmills & waterways
  • Polders
  • Windmills
  • Cheeses
Bike along river landscapes Rhine, Maas

River landscape
  • Rivers and dykes
  • Flood plains
  • Bird life
Hoge Veluwe and Kröller Müller bike tour

National park
  • Woods / forests
  • Heaths / moors
  • Sand drifts
Amsterdam, Delft and Leiden on bike

Historical cities
  • Medieval houses
  • 'Old masters' art
  • City canals
Bike vacation Operation Market Garden Holland

World War II reflection
  • Museums
  • Battlefield
  • War memorials

North Sea coast

The western coastline of The Netherlands is 300 kilometres (180 miles) long and is a unique stretch of sand and dunes. The beaches stretch from the Wadden Islands in the north, to the Belgian coast in the south, with only the odd river or harbour interrupting the coastline. The Netherlands is characterized by its long, broad beaches, lined with smooth, wind-blown dunes. The coastal regions boast their own special characteristics with their little seaside resorts villages, lighthouses and the wild, natural beauty of the almost unbroken lines of dunes.
If you're looking for crowds, you will find them on the beach on a hot summer day. But if you're looking for peace and quiet, there's plenty of that too. The beaches stretch for kilometres and offer anonymity even during the busiest periods. Just inland from the coast, there are many attractions, museums and events, which are easily accessible by bike. There is an almost uninterrupted bicycle path, leading from the northern town of Den Helder to Rotterdam.


Dutch fabulous flowers by bike
Springtime is a special time of the year to cycle along the North Sea coast on account of the breathtaking views of the bulb fields. Between the beginning of April and the first week of May, the famous Dutch bulb fields are at their best, providing a dramatic display of tulips, hyacinths, and daffodils kilometre after kilometre, and in all the colours of the rainbow. The prime growing region lies between Haarlem and Leiden, just 10 kilometres from the coast.

Combine this tour option with a visit to the famous 'Keukenhof' spring gardens.

Windmills & Waterways

The name 'The Netherlands' actually means 'the lowlands'. Many many years ago, much of Holland was covered with water, but over the centuries the land has gradually been reclaimed from the sea. The Dutch coastline is determined principally by dunes and man-made dikes or levées. Together they protect the low-lying parts (polders) of the country from the sea.

Approximately a-one third of the entire country lies below sea level, and the only place you will find hills is in the south-eastern province of Limburg.

Dutch water-engineering is impressive. Water from the low-lying polders is drained by a network of canals, slow flowing rivers and sluices and is finally pumped away by modern pumping stations, or sometimes older steam-pumps, or even by the famous old Dutch windmills. There are more than 1,000 windmills which have been well-preserved and are still in good working order. It is also possible to visit some of these windmills during your tour.

River landscape

The Rhine is the most important river in the Netherlands and consists of melt-water from the mountains of Germany and Switzerland and spills out over the flatlands of Holland. The result is an impressive lowlands landscape, laced with canals and interspersed by quaint tile-roofed villages. Along the major rivers, Rhine, Waal, IJssel and Maas you will find the most quiet bicycle paths guiding you from the German or Belgium border up to the Dutch coast.

National park

The largest national park in the Netherlands is situated in the central-eastern part of the country, near the town of Apeldoorn. It is called the Hoge Veluwe, and the origins of the area were formed some 200,000 years ago when the glaciers pushed up layers of soil creating huge banks, the so-called 'stuwwallen'. 10,000 years ago strong winds gradually covered the banks with sand.

Today the park, covering an area of 5,500 hectares, is a unique blend of forests and woods, shifting sands and heather moorlands providing a sense of isolation that is not to be found anywhere else on the Dutch mainland.. Red deer, wild boar and sheep roam freely. The many cycle paths criss-cross the park and there is almost no vehicular traffic.

The Hoge Veluwe recently renovated its Visitors Centre, as well as the beautiful and architecturally significant Hunting Lodge called St Hubertus. The gem of the park must be the famous Kröller-Müller Museum, containing 278 works by Van Gogh, as well as smaller collections of Picasso and Mondriaan and many others. Around the museum building there is an enchanting garden which houses Europe's largest collection of sculptures with works by Rodin, Moore, Giacometti and many more.

Historical cities

The history of the old Dutch cities is very interesting. Some have originate from outposts of the Roman army, also having endured floods, fires, wars, and it has to be said - modern architecture.

Despite a lack of building materials and swamp conditions, the merchants in the sixteenth century managed to amass unbelievable fortunes, building beautiful mansions with lavish interiors. The wealthier merchants commissioned artists to paint their portraits and so the famous Dutch School was born. Rembrandt van Rijn, Johannes Vermeer and Frans Hals, to name but a few, all belonged to this school.

Dutch artisans making ceramic pottery also found new market for their products. This period of prosperity became known as the Golden Age. Today the illustrious period is still evident in some smaller Dutch cities such as Delft, Gouda and Leiden, as well as in the four main cities: Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht.

Amsterdam is famous for the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, the Anne Frank house, its beautiful canals and of course, its vibrant atmosphere. We recommend you visit the city before or after your cycle tour and take, public transport to get around using the train, tram and bus. The amount of traffic and number of people milling about the narrow streets would certainly not add anything to your cycling pleasure.

The Hague, on the other hand, is more distinguished and dignified as well as being famous for its royal palaces and parliament buildings.
In Utrecht you should explore the city's canals and the unusual pedestrian wharfs, five meters below street level.

Delft owes its name to the world 'delving', digging the oldest canal. The city has links to appealing cultural-historical values such as Delftware, the Dutch royal family and the Dutch East India Company.
From Delft you can easily visit Rotterdam, which was badly bombed during WWII, but has resurrected itself to become an icon of experimental post-war architecture, as well as being one of the largest commercial harbours in the world.

The Hanseatic cities in the central-eastern part of the Netherlands are even older than the cities in the western parts. Most of these towns are situated along the river IJssel. In the 14th and 15th century, they formed a merchant union that lead to enormous prosperity and wealth. You can still sense the rich history of the cities Harderwijk, Elburg, Hasselt, Kampen, Zwolle, Hattem, Deventer, Zutphen and Doesburg.

There are a countless number of places that will be of interest to you. Towns and villages, each with their own personality and uniqueness and of course many, many museums and parks.

World War II reflection

The Netherlands was able to stay neutral during World War I but the Second World War was a totally different story. On May 10, 1940 the Germans invaded by crossing the Eastern border. On May 15 surrender was signed after a German bombing blitz on Rotterdam, which destroyed most of the city. During the years 1940-1944 the Dutch suffered under the oppression of the German occupier. Although a sound Dutch resistance movement was formed, numerous Jews were deported to concentration camps and never returned. Many Dutch men were forced to hard labor in German war industries.

After the successful Allied invasion (D-day) in Normandy, the south of Holland was liberated in the summer of 1944. The Allies developed a paratrooper plan, Market Garden, to seize two bridges in Holland: one in Nijmegen and the other in Arnhem. Although the first objective was reached, second was a disaster. The paratroopers were annihilated by a German Panzer division, the survivors eventually escaping back behind Allied lines. The first months of 1945 were extremely costly for the Dutch. Thousands of people died of starvation in the cities, where the effects of the ever-decreasing food supplies were the most severe.

Finally, in April 1945 the Allied forces were able to push through and Holland was liberated on 5th May; three days before Germany's total surrender. With the arrival of freedom, the Dutch went from the depth of despair to soaring heights of joy. Experiences from WW II are engraved in the collective Dutch consciousness. This manifests itself in a day (4th May) of commemoration of all military and civil victims of war and the remembrance of the tremendous sacrifice of the foreign Allied liberation force.

Each year the end of World War II is celebrated on 'Liberation Day' which is on 5th May. The events and emotions of the dark years of the WWII period are well preserved in many museums, visitors centres and war cemeteries. Their purpose is to show the horrors of that period in the hope that 'this never again' will happen to future generations. Some major battle fields from 1940 and also the area where the 'Market Garden' operation took place are all within easy cycling distance, so that you may wish to include this theme along with your other preferences.
The support given by Tulip Cycling was excellent. The equipment, choice of bike paths and the pre-programmed GPS made the whole experience one of pure delight and fun with gorgeous sights all the way, wonderful accommodations and easy travel.
Tissot family, USA
A wonderful trip!!! Thanks to Peter for all his help to make it so special (and for convincing me to do the trip without a tour group). We had such a great time. My two 10 year old girls had such a great fun (and were proud of their accomplishment). It is a of a trip we will all remember. Thanks for everything! I’ve already recommended you to friends.
Sharon Moore
Just returned from our fabulous journey from Amsterdam to Bruges. It was outstanding! The itinerary, the equipment (bikes, GPS, maps, etc.) and our guide Peter were fantastic. Peter really have deep knowledge of his country, what a memorable ride across the Netherlands.
Brigitte and Francois
Thank you for everything. We packed lots of memories into this trip. It was a grand way to learn about Netherlands and see what a cultured and friendly place it is.
The GPS was essential, and we are so glad we learned to use it. Everytime, we wondered where is Peter taking us? We would come across a canal, field of flowers, quaint village, spectacular scenery. Thank you so much.
Susan and Billy Hobart
You run a very professional organization and we look forward to more tours in the future. You have made us biking enthusiasts.
Michael and Chau Smith
I thought I would just let you know we are having such a GREAT TIME!! Maybe you can find a job for a orthodontist and a Radiologist for us.?
Louise Taillard, South Africa
Thank you so much for this very enjoyable experience! Your organizational skills and attention to detail are outstanding.
Barbara Morgan
Just to thank you again for the wonderful trip, yours was the 7th we made and one of our favorites now
Alicia Fuentes
My wife and I just finished a 4 day self guided tour. It was fabulous! Tulip planned a route that we never could have found on our own. The equipment and handling of our luggage made everything easy. We loved the trip!!
Bob Brownson
Thank you Tulip Cycling for a exciting and scenic 5 day tour through part of your beautiful country. Peter’s meticulous organisation and first class equipment made our ride a memorable one.
Geoff and Bethany Canberra Australia
The trip overall was our favorite vacation we've ever taken. We feel privileged to have visited. As a lifelong cyclist, it was like visiting the promised land.
Katherine and Stephen Coleman, USA
Thank you for organizing our trip this summer, we had a fantastic time and will definitely return in the future. We had so many good experiences traveling along the countryside enjoying the scenery and weather.
Auburn and Sean Brady, USA
We had a great time in Holland.
Thank you for everything.
Carvajal family, Mexico
Our memories are still fresh in our minds and we loved every minute of out time in the Netherlands. Your company ensured the cycling portion was flawless and most enjoyable. Thank you for providing top quality bicycles and support equipment.
John and Peg Lalonde, Canada
The tour was wonderful, and I've recommended your services highly to my friends. In particular, the route selection was superb.
Judith Macaluso, USA
We had the most wonderful holiday with your company and I wish to say a big thank you for all your hard work and professionalism in ensuring we had the best possible experience.
Gillian and John Au, UK
Tulip Cycling just got better!
We do a weeks self guided tour with Tulip Cycling every year and have now been cycling for 9 years each time in a different area of this lovely country.
John and Christine Widdowson, UK
Our trip with you was fantastic....and we've told many others about it. The GPS made it unique.
Martens family, USA
We have recommended your business to many people – as we had a terrific cycling trip, due to your professional organisation and fabulous path routing. The GPS was brilliant and the route really showcased the variety of experiences available in the Netherlands – there is no better way to see a country than through the eyes of a local.
Thank you, again.
Richard Lewis
It was truly an extraordinary journey, where everything was carefully prepared by you and your staff.
We were enchanted by the landscapes of flower fields, windmills, canals, small towns and by the kindness with which we were treated by the Dutch people. It was really unforgettable days that make us want to return, and invite our friends as well.
Emerson de Carvalho
Tailor made tour for 3 days of cycling for my husband, me and teenage son! Fantastic bikes, superb organization!!! A fantastic get away and we just had to show up. Lots of opportunity to add in our own stops along the way, the route details, booked hotels and luggage transport made for a stress free journey. Peter is outstanding and lives what he does. Every detail taken care of do you can just get on the bike pedal away with your GPS route!
We did a six day ride in June to mark my 70th birthday. The accommodations were amazing; small, neat, clean hotels and bed and breakfasts. The GPS was a little iffy for us, but Peter always answered our call for a quick fix! I would love to come back and do another ride.
Terry Dickow
Yes, one can DIY a bike trip around the country, but we believe that the depth of knowledge that Tulip provided for our ride took us to and through places that we would not otherwise have experienced just following a map or Google Maps over 16 days. We believe Tulip provided very good value and we recommend them highly.
Julie So
We asked Peter to plan a ride on our tandem from Amsterdam to Ghent, Belgium in 8 days in September 2018. He planned the route, with beautiful maps and excellent GPS, arranged the hotels and the luggage transport. We even go to almost see the King in The Hague.
Only thing he couldn't control was the weather, when a storm blew in from the North Sea. We got a bit wet and wind-blown, but thoroughly enjoyed all of his arrangements.
Dolly Craft
We did the short version of the historic town. It was perfect for us as an American family of four with two teenage kids (13 and 16). If we ever get another chance, we would do it again and probably build in more days to the trip to just enjoy the different towns.
Samantha Pearson
My husband and I did a 1-week tour through parts of the Netherlands in May 2018 and we loved our experience. Peter and Tulip Cycling were amazing! The level of detail and organization is spectacular! Communication with Peter is easy and quick. Our experience was so good that we are returning again next year with a large group! I highly recommend this tour company - you will be very pleased with the service!
Natascha Wesch
We were very happy with your cycling service. The e-bikes and GPS were an excellent choice for us as was your instruction at the outset. The Hanseatic tour was very interesting and the countryside beautiful. We particularly noticed how friendly and helpful the people in Holland are. We also noticed a more positive attitude about cyclists by motorists in Holland compared to motorists in Canada.
Jim May
Skillfully selected routes, state of the art equipment, charming hotels. Our tour of the Netherlands was seamless. Thank you Tulip Cycling!
Lori & Niamh, Alberta Canada
Very well chosen route, perfect logistics, good equipment. Thank you for a great vacation, Peter. We look forward to coming again.
Alli Gil and Vladimir Kontovorich
Peter provided equipment, guidance, luggage transport and reservations for our 8 day trek from Amsterdam to Gent. It could not have been staged better. The GPS routing was spot on as it kept us on smaller, less traveled roads and brought us to comfortable hotels in each city/town center. As it turned out, I needed to take a day off from cycling because of an injury and Peter arranged for our luggage courier to pick up my bike as well. The bike moved to the next destination and after a day’s respite I was able to join my husband for the rest of the riding. We felt totally supported by Tulip...Read More..
Peter provided equipment, guidance, luggage transport and reservations for our 8 day trek from Amsterdam to Gent. It could not have been staged better. The GPS routing was spot on as it kept us on smaller, less traveled roads and brought us to comfortable hotels in each city/town center. As it turned out, I needed to take a day off from cycling because of an injury and Peter arranged for our luggage courier to pick up my bike as well. The bike moved to the next destination and after a day’s respite I was able to join my husband for the rest of the riding. We felt totally supported by Tulip and enjoyed the experience. We like to see the world slowly on our feet or on a bike. Tulip helped us make this possible.
Renee and Michael Malaki
Just returned from a fantastic 13-day tailor-made self-guided tour with Tulip Cycling. This was our first cycling trip and it exceeded expectations. The bicycles and accessories were perfect for the terrain, the maps and GPS made it impossible to get lost and guided us past great sights and surprises, and the hotels were centrally located and unique properties.
Tanya and Richard
Tulip Cycling did a great job organizing a beautiful cycling trip for our family. We had three generations of cyclists from ages 9 to 75, and the trip was the perfect amount of cycling for all of us through villages, polders, farm fields, forests, country roads and over bridges and canals. The GPS system worked perfectly, the hotels you suggested were lovely, and every detail of the trip was considered and arranged. We would use you again if we return to the Netherlands for another cycling adventure.
Simone Handfield
On a 10 day Holland trip with my teenage daughter, we decided to add a short bike adventure in the middle and wow are we happy we did! Tulip Cycling was excellent from beginning to end and our biking adventure ended up being the highlight of our Holland trip.
Our route was perfect - interesting, varied and fun. The attention to detail and personalized touch was fantastic - bikes in great shape, gps easy to use, hotels lovely, pick up/drop off convenient. We highly recommend Tulip Cycling and hope to have another, longer adventure with more family members in the future. Lots of thanks...Read More..
On a 10 day Holland trip with my teenage daughter, we decided to add a short bike adventure in the middle and wow are we happy we did! Tulip Cycling was excellent from beginning to end and our biking adventure ended up being the highlight of our Holland trip.
Our route was perfect - interesting, varied and fun. The attention to detail and personalized touch was fantastic - bikes in great shape, gps easy to use, hotels lovely, pick up/drop off convenient. We highly recommend Tulip Cycling and hope to have another, longer adventure with more family members in the future. Lots of thanks Peter + Liesbeth!
Hillary and Ella
Our father - son trip from Amsterdam to Bruges was flawless - thanks in large part to your help and planning and organizing our trip! Your ebikes were very high quality, the itinerary was scenic & safe, the hotels and inns you helped us were wonderful.
We meet with Peter in Amsterdam and were very impressed with his knowledge of the cycle trip we were about to embark on and his passion for both cycling and his home country Holland.
My husband and I have done many cycle trips in Europe and found this to be the very best navigation system (idiot proof) and the most amazing bikes. Peter is very proud of both!!
The scenery was simply stunning, the cycleways user friendly and the people so friendly.
This tour exceeded our expectations 10 fold.
I must point out that we experienced the most amazing weather. Out of...Read More..
We meet with Peter in Amsterdam and were very impressed with his knowledge of the cycle trip we were about to embark on and his passion for both cycling and his home country Holland.
My husband and I have done many cycle trips in Europe and found this to be the very best navigation system (idiot proof) and the most amazing bikes. Peter is very proud of both!!
The scenery was simply stunning, the cycleways user friendly and the people so friendly.
This tour exceeded our expectations 10 fold.
I must point out that we experienced the most amazing weather. Out of character for Holland.
We cannot recommend this trip more highly. Our only criticism was no air con in the Hotels which everyone told is not usually needed.
Donna Steur
We had a great time in Netherlands thanks to Tulip Cycling! Our trip was tailor-made to have short daily rides for our kids, which was highly appreciated. The GPS system was perfect, we never got lost. The hotels were nice. We recommend this very professional cycling travel agency.
Aurore Fabre
Nous avons adoré nos vacances à vélo. L’organisation est impeccable, les trajets proposés sont magnifiques. Toute la famille (2 adultes et 2 ados de 13 et 16 ans) est unanime, on recommande vivement Tulip Cycling.
Émile, Marie-Odile, Jean-Charles et Chantal (Québec, Canada)
My husband, I and some friends did 3 times rides with Tulip Cycling, and so far is the best company I met. Peter is very careful. The routes are excellent, the equipment too. Everything is done with great care. We travel a lot by bike and we always want to be with Tulip Cycling. I totally recommend them.
Wania Stocche Barbosa
My adult daughter and I did a cycling tour along the coast of the Netherlands. Tulip Cycling was brilliant. The bikes are extremely comfortable (upright so your shoulders and hands don’t get sore) and in great condition. They put a lot of thought into the paths you cycle and the GPS was easy to deal with. The scenery was breath taking. We utilized the courier service for our luggage and which always beat us to the next stop. I really appreciated the ability to tour the country without having to participate in a large group. Would book through Tulip Cycling again and again!
Constance Lee
My daughter and I were fortunate enough to book a 4 day trip in May 2019. As we were in Almelo visiting family and wanted to head back to Amsterdam, Tulip Cycling arranged a tour up into Friesland and across the Ijsselmeer by ferry. It was fantastic. Well planned, taking us to interesting, out of the way places. The accommodations also interesting and well thought out. Following the gps system was easy, even when we had to take a small detour. I have been recommending this tour company to all my friends.
Rita, Toronto, Canada
Because of you we had a magnificient trip! I am excited to tell all my friends about my trip and this lovely country and encourage them to come and visit and use Tulip Cycling to see the country.
Mary Thomas
Our friends recommended this cycling trip for my 50th birthday and it was a fabulous celebration-- by far the best family vacation we have ever taken! The route Peter crafted for us was perfect-- so beautiful! The hotels were quaint, food was delicious. And our 11 and 12 year old loved riding tandem. I cried when we had to go home. We’ve talked about this trip for months... can't wait to return. A 5-star experience!
Jane and Mark
Tulip Cycling arranged a cycling trip in the provinces of Gelderland and Limburg for us. We spent a wonderful carefree week cycling. The navigation system provided with the itinerary was easy to operate, the overnight accommodations we stayed were conveniently located, and Tulip Cycling even arranged for luggage transportation upon our request. We can heartily recommend Tulip Cycling to anyone who plans a cycling holiday in the Netherlands.
Mary and Marc
We had a great family cycling trip organised by Tulip Cycling ... in Germany ... not quite as planned due to coronavirus! Peter had helped us plan an itinerary from Cologne to Amsterdam, but then the UK put NL on the quarantine list 48 hours before we were due to set off. Peter was fantastically flexible, helping us with a route that didn't cross the border and putting it all into the GPS at the last minute. All the arrangements worked like clockwork and the equipment and service was first class. Highly recommended and hopefully we'll see the Netherlands next time!
Robin Brown

Payment & Conditions
Payment policy
  • We accept all currencies.
  • Payments can be made:
      - by credit card;
      - into our Euro bank account.
  • Tulip Cycling adheres to the credit card payments securing policy.
  • Bookings require a deposit of 10% of the total costs as given on your invoice.
  • The balance of the trip cost is due 60 days prior to the departure date.
  • Trip invoices will be sent to the first participant indicated and can only be paid in full.

Tulip Cycling Terms & Conditions
January 11, 2024

Article 1 - Definitions

a) Tulip Cycling: A bicycle rental and travel services company registered with the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands no. 89134605.
b) Country name: Where the expressions Dutch or Holland are used this is synonymous to The Netherlands.
c) Renter: Person or persons, mentioned in the rental contract, who is/are renting bicycling equipment and support from Tulip Cycling.
d) Lessor: Tulip Cycling Company.
e) Rental material/equipment: All articles, rented or loaned from Tulip Cycling, itemized in the reservation form and notification of receipt, including all materials submitted to the renter, such as but not exclusively, the free accessories.
f) Booking / Reservation form: Form on which the renter is required to fill in identities and desired quantity of the rental equipment and support items.
g) Rental contract; Agreement between renter and lessor according to the tour confirmation form and tour invoice.
h) Tour confirmation form: Form with which the lessor confirms the booking of the cycling tour by the renter. The corresponding equipment and support for this tour is specified on the tour invoice, addressed to the renter.
i) Tour invoice: Form on which the lessor specifies the rental equipment and support items with the corresponding prices and the total amount. The total amount does not always include accommodation costs.
j) Notification of receipt: Form which the renter is obligated to sign on receipt of the rented and loaned equipment.
k) Rental period: Time between delivery of the rental equipment to the renter and return of the rental equipment to Tulip Cycling.
l) Currency: The amounts mentioned in these Terms and Conditions are in the Euro currency. 

Article 2 - Rental equipment

a) The rental material may only be used by the designated renter and the members of his party as mentioned in the rental contract/notification of receipt.
b) Itineraries and other parts of a support package remain the property of Tulip Cycling.
c) The use of the GPS device is strictly prohibited for persons under 15 years of age.
d) The rented bicycles may never be handed over to, or used by any persons, others then those mentioned in the rental contract.
e) It is explicitly prohibited for the renter to rent out the rented bicycles to a third party.
f) Renter is considered to take good care of the rented materials and to protect it, within reason, from damage, loss or theft. Added to article 2a, rental materials may only be used in accordance with its normal use and category. Only one person per bicycle.
g) Tulip Cycling will deliver the rental material in a proper condition. If, in spite of that, any repairs during the rental period are necessary this can be done by a local bicycle-repairer. The renter must, in case of more than wear-and-tear damage, consult Tulip Cycling before handing over the bicycle to the repairer. At the end of the rental period a Tulip Cycling representative will determine whether the material failure was more than regular wear-and-tear. If so, the repair expenses must be paid by the renter or will be subject to the equipment insurance conditions.
h) In case of unpredictable circumstances, Tulip Cycling will offer substitute brands of equipment. This material will be of equal quality and will meet the specifications of the contracted equipment.

Article 3 - Rental period

a) Rental equipment delivery will be between 8 and 11 a.m. on the first day of the rental period. The rental equipment will be delivered to the renter at the Tulip Cycling headquarters or any other pre-arranged meeting point. 
b) Delivery of the rental equipment can, on the renter's request, take place on the evening before the first tour day. This service is free of charge and the decision to meet with this request will be made by Tulip Cycling exclusively.
c) Return of the equipment on the last tour day must be before 6 p.m. at the Tulip Cycling headquarters or any other pre-arranged meeting point in.

Article 4 - Contract

a) The contract is realized after the booking form is accepted by the lessor. The lessor will notify the renter of his acceptance by email. The written tour confirmation will state the names of the persons in the contract, the rental period and the reservation requests. The accompanying invoice will state the number and specifications of the rented equipment and the related prices.
b) The rental contract will be automatically dissolved, without serving any prior notice on the renter, if payment of the deposit payment is not received within 20 days from the payment date as indicated on the invoice. The dissolution of the contract does not in any way relieve the renter of his obligations, especially payment of the rent and deposit, forthcoming from the contract and the cancellation terms.
c) Changes and modifications in the initial booking will be subject to an administration fee of Euro 50. Requests for changes made within 30 days of the start of the tour are also dependent on equipment and accommodation availability. All changes in the initial booking will be confirmed by email or regular mail.
d) At the tour start and tour finish the renter must sign a notification of receipt and return. This notification states the number and specifications of the rented equipment and support, rental period, date of delivery and date of return.
e) The first renter mentioned on the reservation form must be over 16 years of age and will be the contracting person for payments, refunds and communication.
f) The first renter's signature on the notification of receipt and return is valid for all the items on the notifications.

Article 5 - Payments

a) Bookings made more than 60 days prior to the departure date require a deposit of 10% of the total invoice with a minimum of Euro 100. This initial payment is part of the total invoice. Bookings within 60 days prior to the departure date need to be paid in full.
b) Prices are stated in Euro.
c) All taxes are included in the stated prices.
d) The rental contract is subjected to the cancellation policy stated under article 8.

Article 6 - Liability

a) Renter is subject to Dutch. Belgium and German Traffic Laws. In particular, renter acknowledges that there is no bicycle-helmet obligation under this law (In Germany a helmet is obligated on a road bike or mountain bike as also for children).
b) Besides the pre-tour traffic rules instruction and briefing by Tulip Cycling, it is the responsibility of the renter and his party to be sufficiently informed about Dutch, Belgium and German Traffic Laws and regulations.
c) It is the renter's own responsibility to have sufficient insurance coverage against all claims that might arise from legal responsibility of the renter and his party such as responsibility for (non-equipment) damages, injuries, legal procedures and tort.
d) Tulip Cycling can only be held responsible for direct damages or injuries that are a result of material failure. The responsibility is limited to failure that is a result of insufficient normal day-use maintenance by the lessor. For all other damages of goods and injuries of the renter, his party or a third party during the rental period, Tulip Cycling cannot be held responsible nor can this derive any right to cancel (a part of) the rental contract.
e) The contract is submitted to Dutch Law and will be carried out under Dutch jurisdiction.
f) Disagreements and claims between both renter and lessor as well with a third party must be heard by a Dutch court in Arnhem or Zwolle.

Article 7 - Equipment insurance

a) The insured: Renter of Tulip Cycling equipment, as described on the booking form.
b) Insured articles: All Tulip Cycling equipment that has been rented and is used during a Tulip Cycling tour, as described on the booking form.
c) Coverage: Theft, damage or fire arising from any calamity, caused by internal or external sources.
d) Area: the insurance is valid within The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.
e) Insurance-premium amounts to Euro 25 per person up to 5 days (each extra 5 days Euro 10). This is for one adult bicycle. If a E-bike is rented the insurance premium amounts to Euro 40 per person up to 5 days (each extra 5 days Euro 15). One child bike, if rented, is included.
f) Own risk / deductible: The first Euro 50 per renter per insured event will be paid by the insured (renter).
g) Damage: Renter must always immediately report a theft, loss or damage by accident to Tulip Cycling and the local police. A referred police report and specified repair invoice must be handed over to Tulip Cycling at the end of the rental period.
h) Restrictions: Renter is obligated to lock the bicycle(s) securely when left unattended and is obliged to park the bicycles at night at a non-public area. In case of loss or theft the renter must at all times be able to provide a police report describing the particular loss or theft, and the keys to the lock which were originally given to the renter at the start of the tour. If renter cannot provide those items, he will be held responsible for the combined loss and damages resulting from the theft or loss of the insured items: adult bike Euro 1400, tandem and road bike Euro 2000, E bike Euro 3000, child's bike/child trailer Euro 350, pair of panniers Euro 100, handlebar bag Euro 50, luggage trailer Euro 250, GPS device Euro 225, helmet Euro 40, poncho Euro 25, car trailer Euro 1500, free rental accessories Euro 20.
i) Damage- and loss exclusions: Non-designated use, criminal intent, negligence, molestation by war or large-scale riots, nuclear disasters.

Article 8 - Cancellation policy

a) All cancellations must be made in writing to and are effective from the date the message has been received.
b) The following cancellation charges will be payable (calculated on the total value of the booking):
- If cancellation is received more than 60 days prior to start of the tour: 10%
- If cancellation is received from 60 days to 31 days prior to start of the tour: 50%
- If cancellation is received less than 31 days prior to start of the tour: 100%
c) Tulip Cycling reserves the right to adjust the tour in case of natural disaster, large-scale riots, evacuations or similar Force Majeure events in the original area of the cycle routes and provide suitable alternatives. If this is not possible, in such cases, Tulip Cycling will refund the total booking cost.
d) Tulip Cycling is not liable for the impact of any late arrivals or no-shows due to travel delays, flight cancellation or illness.
e) There is no refund for shortening of the rental period, except for reasons mentioned in article 8c.
f) Changes and modifications of the initial booking will be subject to an administration fee of Euro 50.

Article 9 - Financial Insolvency - VZR Garant

In order to meet its statutory obligation to provide a guarantee, Tulip Cycling makes for all bookings from January 1, 2021 on use of the guarantee scheme provided by VZR Garant ( You can check that this is the case by visiting VZR Garant’s website and verifying that the organisation is listed as a participant. VZR Garant’s guarantee applies within the limits of its Guarantee Scheme (which can be found on VZR Garant’s website). The Guarantee Scheme specifies the exact (travel) offering to which VZR Garant’s guarantee applies and what the guarantee entails. If services are not provided due to the financial insolvency of Tulip Cycling, you can contact VZR Garant, which has its offices at Torenallee 20, 5617 BC Eindhoven, Netherlands, by sending an email to or calling +31 (0)85 13 07 630.
   Privacy Statement
Privacy Statement

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Special and / or sensitive personal data that we process

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Automated decision-making

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How long we store personal data

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How we protect personal data

Tulip Cycling takes the protection of your data seriously and takes appropriate measures to prevent misuse, loss, unauthorised access, unwanted disclosure and unauthorised modification. If you have the impression that your data is not secure or there are indications of abuse, please contact us at

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