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Tailor-made bike holiday

Tulip Cycling is not a typical tour operator offering fixed group tours where you are just a number in a group of strangers. We build your very own bike holiday, based on your choices and our expertise and route-knowledge.

windmill and tulips bike tours holland

Your Dutch bike holiday choices: 

  1. Tour duration (minimum 3 days);
  2. Start and finish dates & places;
  3. Daily cycling distance;
  4. Favourite cycling areas / themes;
  5. Accommodation category;
  6. Equipment & support options;

Daffodils in Holland bike tours holland
Please remember... like most stereotypes, Holland does not live up to its image where everyone smokes pot and wears wooden clogs. It is a country with a variety of landscapes, embedded in a long and interesting history. An enviable culture that embraces the arts, nature, innovation and a strong sense of justice for all.
~ Explore it at the right (cycling) pace and take your time to 'smell the tulips'. ~