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Visit a flower parade

Visit a flower parade during your bike holiday!

The Netherlands cycling paradise, the Netherlands flower paradise! The Dutch are famous for their flowers. Not only in growing and exporting them, but also for showing them to the public at their well-known flower parades, which are organised in several areas in April, August and September each year. These eye-catching processions of floats colourfully decorated are a popular attraction for both tourists and locals. The parades are an equally exciting event for the participants, who each have an opportunity to win a variety of awards.  The most famous flower parade in April is the parade Noordwijk – Haarlem end the most well-known flower parade held in late August or early September is the one in Zundert,in the south western part of the Netherlands. If you happen to be visiting the Netherlands around these times , why not attend one? Simply browse the flower parade calender: http://www.optochtenkalender.nl/optochttypen/bloemencorsos.html (just Dutch written) or just ask us to include them in your bike tour!

February 2017